Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have you done?  
F1 Sound has been in business for over 20 years  have performed at over 2,000 wedding receptions and events.  

Who will be our DJ?  
Please request the DJ you prefer and we will do our very best to honor that.  The DJ requested will know immediately that the request is made and try to rearrange their schedules to be available for you.  However please understand that the reason we are successful as a company is because we offer them flexibility.  Our DJs work many weddings a year but they are able to take time off occasionally for family events.  Ultimately we want you to feel comfortable in your choice of F1 Sound knowing that every DJ went through our strong training program for over a year before we ever let them lead a wedding reception on their own.   Everyone is trained and well versed at leading a wedding reception so you can feel comfortable with whichever DJ's performs for you and your guests.  Every Dj is ready to give you a specialized and smooth reception.  

What is included in the price?  
The whole reception.  We will be playing music for the first guests that arrive until you or the hall kick us out -- whichever happens first.  We do not believe in hidden pricing or additional fees.  Our price covers the whole event.  We include a complete light show for every wedding that is tailored to the venue and size of the reception. This price also includes a meeting with your DJs to outline what you expect from the day.  This is a chance to personally talk through your expectations.  

What role will F1 Sound play in our reception?  
We will play as little or as big of role as you, the couple, desires.  We are experienced and prepared to act as the Master of Ceremonies (MC) and make all announcements needed.  We work with your Cooks, Photographers, Videographers, and etc to provide a smooth flow to every special event/request within your reception.  We are able to think on our feet providing announcements and music to transition between events - planned or impromptu.  

What time do you arrive to set up equipment?  
We will arrive at least half an hour before your wedding ceremony starts!  That way by the time the first guests are rolling into the reception they will be greeted by music - not our storage containers.  

Why do we have to have a meeting with our DJ?  
This meeting is beneficial for both your DJ and you, the couple.  You get to meet your DJ and ensure he understands what your expectations are during your reception.  This meeting also allows your DJ to get to know you.  This allows them to get to know your personality and your preferences.  Using that information, your DJ will be able to better interact with your and your guests and tailor a reception that represents you and your fiance!  

Do you provide dinner music?  
Yes.  It is included in our price.  

Do you have a wireless microphone for speeches?  
Yes.  We provide professional equipment to ensure all guests can hear announcements and speeches without interference.

Can I give you a list of songs that will not be played?  
Of course!  You will have access to your online planning tools as soon as you book with us.  You can also go over all of your likes and dislikes with your DJ at the meeting prior to your wedding.

How are payments handled?  
We will send you a contract and ask for the signed contract and a $250 deposit returned within 30 days of you booking our services.  The remainder of the balance is not due until the day of your event.  

What will the DJ wear?  
The DJs will wear khakis and a polo shirt to set up and tear down the equipment.  During your reception they will be in dress pants, dress shirt and tie.